Our View: A train to somewhere!

Governor Deval Patrick made headlines this week when he announced that part of the state’s transportation bill would be a plan for building the $1.8 billion commuter rail project connecting Boston to Fall River and New Bedford. The project would be completed by 2021.
While this not the first time we have heard from a sitting governor that the train is coming down the tracks, it has never happened.
What makes this time different?
Well, it seems that this is the first time anyone has actually directed that large sums of money be set aside for more than securing a small line. This money is for the entirety of the project.
You see, Massachusetts has found a way to connect Boston to Rhode Island. Oddly enough, you can find a commuter train to Boston from Rhode Island — in Providence with a line connecting it through Stoughton and Attleboro — but you cannot find a line connecting the Southcoast of Massachusetts to Boston.
Odd? Yes, well, welcome to the priorities of our legislators. So now, we are once again promised that we will be able to ride into Boston and, most importantly, benefit from the economic development and investment that would surely follow.
The governor has done his part, so let’s see where the legislators have their priorities!