Our View: A bold request!

When former Congressman Barney Frank decided to uproot the tranquil political waters of Massachusetts by telling Governor Deal Patrick that he should be named the temporary Senator if John Kerry gets promoted to Secretary of State, we giggled.
Barney, as we know well in the Portuguese community, is always Frank. For more than 20 years he represented the     Portuguese community with the passion that few have ever matched. From immigration and visa waivers to the Lajes Base, deportation and fishermen’s issues, Frank was always there to listen and try to make change or life better for the immigrant community. His efforts got him reelected and even an honorary Azorean citizenship.
Now after culminating his career in the House, he is asking that his dream of becoming senator happens.
We say, why not? It is for only a short time and he will be able to resume his retirement and honeymoon (he was recently married) soon after and it brings a strong Portuguese ally to the Senate where we could always be better served — even just for a little while.
So we say, go ahead governor. Make it happen. We are sure he will make the most of the three months before an election is held and a more permanent senator emerges.