Churrascaria Novo Mundo under new ownership

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New Bedford – The small Portuguese restaurant Churrascaria Novo Mundo, whose famous rotisserie chicken appeared nationwide, on the Food Network last year, has new ownership.
 Carla Amaral, an employee at Churrascaria Novo Mundo for almost two decades, on County Street, in New Bedford, is taking the reigns of the business she calls “home.”
 “I have been here for 19 years and I have been looking forward to this moment,” stated Amaral.  “We won’t change, we will only improve.”
 The small and cozy restaurant decorated with a mural of cows, pigs and, of course, chickens, serves daily specials like ribs, roasted piglets, bean stew and “dobrada,” but the famous bird is served everyday.  And for those who have tried the delicious family secret sauce, no need to worry, according to Amaral, it is staying with her.
 Amaral is looking forward to this new stage in her life and said she will continue to do what they have been doing for 20 years.
 “It is a big goal I have achieved,” stated Amaral, who has always treated the customers and the business as if it were her own.  “I hope people will let us continue to serve them.”
 As for the previous owners, Americo and Maria Valentim, who are retiring, they want to thank all their customers for years of loyalty and patronage.