Newsweek slap at Obama wrong, Buchanan was first Gay president

Portrait of the 15th US President James Buchanan. (1791-1868)

It is getting so tough to take Newsweek seriously anymore.

Last week, it stooped to a new yellow,  plastering a rainbow halo over President Obama and declared him the first gay president. Yes, we think Michelle and the kids must have loved that one.

Maybe they are competing with the national review for bragging rights on distorting Obama, but one thing is clear, the recent piece shows that journalists need to spend more time in History classes. You see, Americans voted in a gay president back in the 19th century. He may not have been a  great President, but James Buchanan did not have to hide his sexuality from the American people of his time and he did not have to deal with the childishness of Newsweek either.

In fact, you dig enough into his history and you may find that Buchanan and the vice president,  John C. Breckinridge, slept in the same bed.

But don’t worry has an answer to Newsweek’s history issues in this piece which exposes Newsweek’s little history problem. Enjoy!